6 Benefits Of Refreshing Your Nonprofit's Brand

A brand refresh can help you connect with new clients, attract and retain staff, and so much more.

refreshing your nonprofit's brand

Last year, SETWorks got a new look with a refreshed brand identity that better reflects our mission and vision to empower disability agencies that serve. 


Refreshing our brand not only updated how we present ourselves to the world, it also helped our team recommit to our purpose and enabled us to try some new things as well.  


It’s a good idea to update your brand every few years to keep it looking fresh, current, and to maintain or increase its value. In this article, we’re going to share five benefits of refreshing your nonprofit’s brand, based on research and our own experience:  

1. Stay current

At SETWorks, our company has grown and changed over the years. However, we realized that our old brand felt out of date, and didn’t reflect who we were and where we’re going. Refreshing our brand helped us communicate to the world that we were current, trustworthy, and evolving with the times.  


Your nonprofit may have expanded over the years to offer new services, reach new clients, or set new fundraising goals. In this case, a brand refresh can be a great way to reflect what’s new on the inside with a matching, new look and feel on the outside.  

2. Set you apart from the competitors

When we started thinking about our brand refresh, we knew that we wanted it to convey that we’re a software company, but we’re more than just that. Our brand also needed to showcase the human side of our team, and our expertise in the disability services industry.  


Your brand should also highlight what makes you different from your competitors. That could be your reputation in the field, your innovative service models, or your leadership team. Sticking with an outdated or generic-looking brand isn’t going to help your nonprofit shine. A thoughtful brand refresh can help you stand out from the competition by highlighting your unique characteristics. 

3. Connect with clients

Your brand isn’t just your logo and company colors; it’s a reflection of your organization’s mission and vision. Refreshing your brand can help people better understand what you do and who you serve — which in turn will attract the right clients to you and keep them coming back. Keep in mind that more than half of people stay loyal to brands that “get them”, and nearly 90% are loyal to brands that share their values.  


A brand refresh can also help you reach clients that you might have missed because they didn’t connect or see themselves represented with your old brand. If your current image isn’t resonating with your ideal clients or connecting with them in the right way, it may be time to think about a brand refresh. 

4. Attract new staff

Clients aren’t the only ones who need to connect with your brand. Today, job seekers are also paying attention to your brand when deciding whether they want to work for your nonprofit. In fact, three out of four candidates consider an employer’s brand before filling out an application.  


Done right, a brand refresh can help you stand out to potential candidates who are looking for a job. Not only that, but it can help you improve the quality of candidates who apply by highlighting your nonprofit’s culture and values and attracting candidates who share a similar mindset. 

5. Help staff stay motivated and have fun

When your brand reflects your mission and vision, it keeps everyone aligned and focused on achieving a common goal. And, just like with your clients, a strong brand helps create a sense of belonging and loyalty among your employees. All of this is important to retaining the best staff for your nonprofit.  


A fresh, updated look and feel can go a long way toward energizing your team. Many organizations — ourselves included — find that making some cosmetic changes sets the tone for staff to make other positive changes and enables them to try new things. Think of it like a haircut for your company!

6. Inspire donations

For nonprofits, a brand refresh might be just what you need to jumpstart your fundraising efforts and encourage donations. How so?  


According to a survey conducted by Network for Good, one of the top reasons donors give is that they “want to be associated with the organization and its brand.” Consider if your current branding makes people want to be associated with your organization. If the answer is no, a brand refresh might be your best solution.  


A professional-looking brand can also make your nonprofit appear more trustworthy, from your website to your annual reports, which in turn can help donors feel confident and proud about contributing to or volunteering with your organization.

Final thoughts

Whether you do it yourself or hire a branding agency or freelancer to help, refreshing your brand is a lot of work. We spent hours poring over details like colors and fonts to make sure everything was just right. However, we can confidently say that the benefits of a brand refresh are worth the investment of time and effort.  

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