Community Services

We know this positive, progressive, community-based movement is a fun challenge because it is not facility-bound. This means that providers face struggles such as the inability to immediately access the information they need, whether that be in case of an emergency or a change in schedules. With SETWorks, this is no longer managed in a binder!

Our cloud-based community services software provides the flexibility to complete work from any location you want, while also being securely accessible on any device with an internet connection. Because of this, you can spend more time focusing on the ultimate goal of empowering and improving the daily life of an individual, and not on the paperwork. We are passionate about providing the tools in SETWorks that enable agencies to effectively integrate clients into the community in which they live and love.

Woman helping boy blow bubbles with a bubble wand | SETWorks Community Services Software

People working with people means that there are going to be scheduling changes, and with SETWorks those changes don’t have to slow down your service delivery. Scheduling in SETWorks isn’t just appointments. It is an easy way to show who works with whom and on which service. Appointments can be converted to make documentation extremely easy, and eliminates staff and service confusion.

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