Personal Care Services

We know the struggles personal care providers face include the need for their staff to be able to access information in the field, while holding them accountable for a quality service delivery.

SETWorks’ cloud-based personal care services software provides the flexibility for staff to complete work and access all relevant information from anywhere, and collect location data as required by electronic visit verification (EVV). We are passionate about providing the tools that empower agencies to help individuals live their best happy, safe and successful lives.

Patient in a harness being assisted by physical therapist | SETWorks personal care services software

People working with people means that there are going to be scheduling changes, and with SETWorks those changes don’t have to slow down your service delivery. Scheduling in SETWorks isn’t just appointments; it’s an easy way to show who works with whom, and on which service. Appointments can be converted to make documentation extremely easy, and eliminates staff and service confusion.

Quality service delivery without extra work