Residential Programs

We know there are additional needs to providing residential program services, such as maintaining facilities, staffing ratios and safety practices. On top of service delivery, this means you have a lot on your mind. SETWorks helps agencies succeed by making all the moving parts easier to remember and manage.


SETWorks’ cloud-based residential programs software improves services and increases productivity through integrating all components of service delivery. It simplifies scheduling, has easy-to-complete progress notes, auto-generated monthlies, quarterlies and other forms, client records and much more.

Group of people sitting on a bench laughing and smiling | SETWorks residential programs software

Valuing efficiency, SETWorks hosts your documentation in one place. This means staff only have to be in one activity record during the day and within it they are able to track everything they need during their shift. 

Track individual and staff activities in one screen

Within SETWorks, staff can share information and discuss topics related to the home they work in. They can track finances for residential homes, share forms and files and view the information of department members. As with all document storage in SETWorks, there are no limits on file size or type.

Create generic and state-specific incident/event forms, then export, print, or email them. For unique form needs, the SETWorks team can reproduce forms using our forms builder.

Customize monthly and quarterly forms, auto-populate necessary information, automatically aggregate data for the month or quarter, and include all progress notes and other helpful information.

People working with people means that there are going to be scheduling changes, and with SETWorks those changes don’t have to slow down your service delivery. Scheduling in SETWorks isn’t just appointments. It is an easy way to show who works with whom and on which service.

Simplify the scheduling process by creating default schedules for clients. Supports creating multiple schedules for the same client, for different departments, programs and staff.

Less busywork, more impact