Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

You don’t have to use multiple systems to achieve EVV compliance - do it all in one place with SETWorks.

With SETWorks, EVV is built directly into our complete program management platform. Staff notes drive both EVV and billing information to minimize mismatched entries. Staff don’t have to log documentation in multiple places or systems to meet federal and state EVV requirements.

Can SETWorks integrate with my state system?

Yes! SETWorks is currently integrated with multiple state EVV systems and we are able to integrate with any EVV aggregator vendor chosen by your state or MCO.

How is SETWorks different than other EVV systems?

In SETWorks, anything staff need are contained within the normal daily documentation. Everything from case notes, goal documentation, clinical events and EVV data are able to be completed in the same workflow.

This same staff documentation is used to send service or location data for EVV, claim data for electronic billing, and any integrations with payroll.

Streamlined and integrated from start to finish

Agencies who want easy EVV trust SETWorks

Ensure EVV compliance with SETWorks