Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ about SETWorks:

SETWorks is cloud-based software made specifically for disability service agencies, and comes with a team who are experts in this space. SETWorks manages everything agencies need, from referral through billing, and allows you to manage your client records, documentation, and reporting needs, across programs from any device.

1. SETWorks was developed from the ground up for the IDD industry.

2. We are a team of disability service experts and consultants who love software and data.

3. Our approach is very personalized and consultative to understand your needs and we use software to solve your problems.

4. We are passionate about your agency not only achieving compliance but also becoming a data-driven organization.

1. Software: At the core, SETWorks is built to handle the needs of disability service agencies across different programs – documentation, billing, reporting, compliance, time & attendance, and much more. It uses robust technology, powering the most secure systems on the web. Advanced infrastructure ensures the safety and privacy of our clients’ data, and integrates with your existing systems – payroll, accounting, billing, HR, LMS, and more.


2. Our team: We are a team of experts working with and solving the needs of disability service agencies. We see it all. Our approach is very personalized and consultative to understand the needs of the industry, your state, and of your organization. We know requirements look different in each state, and we take the time to understand your compliance needs, and we also love to hear your ideas about how software can make your lives easier. We understand outcomes are important and we strive to make your organization data driven. When our clients succeed, we celebrate.

Other FAQ:

Yes! Our approach at SETWorks is very personalized and consultative to understand the needs of the industry, your state, and of your organization. SETWorks also has tools available that allows agencies to personalize their SETWorks solution on their own.


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Yes, migrating data into SETWorks is a standard part of every SETWorks implementation. Our team has the expertise and proprietary tools available to efficiently map and import data from any electronic source such as spreadsheets and databases.

Migrating a significant amount of data and files can seem overwhelming – our goal is to help make the transition to SETWorks as seamless and effective as possible! 

SETWorks implementations can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors but an average implementation takes 5-6 months from kickoff to go-live. Most importantly, our team partners with each agency to develop a project implementation plan that works with their timeline and priorities.

SETWorks is priced with a tiered pricing model that is based on the average number of individuals served on an annual basis, with the number of users having no effect on cost.

There is a one-time setup fee and an ongoing monthly subscription fee for using our entire system and core services. Custom development, such as system integrations to payroll, accounting, and billing systems, as well as custom development requests of major new features, are charged separately.


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Yes, SETWorks can be used on any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and has a responsive design so it automatically scales to fit the size of your screen.


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Yes, SETWorks is EVV compliant. EVV functionality is fully integrated into SETWorks and EVV documentation can integrate with notes and billing.


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SETWorks is more than just software, it comes with a team who knows your industry

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