Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At SETWorks, we are dedicated to providing exceptional software solutions specifically tailored for organizations that support individuals with disabilities.


Understanding that effective communication is key to empowerment, this FAQ page is designed to address your most common questions. Whether you’re new to SETWorks or seeking deeper insights into our platform’s capabilities, our goal is to provide clear, concise answers that help streamline your operations and maximize the impact of your services.


What is SETWorks?

SETWorks is comprehensive cloud-based software made specifically for disability service agencies. With a team of industry experts at your disposal, SETWorks provides end-to-end management of all organizational processes, from referral through billing. Designed for ease of use, SETWorks enables you to effortlessly manage client records, documentation, and reporting needs across all programs, all from the convenience of any device.  

How is SETWorks different from other IDD or disability service management software?

SETWorks is not just software — it’s a team of disability service experts who are here to help when you need us.  

We built our product from the ground up for the IDD industry, and our approach is very personalized and consultative to solve the challenges of this ever-changing industry. We're here to make you more efficient, be easy to use for your DSPs, and remove administrative headaches. 

We are passionate about your agency not only achieving compliance but also becoming a data-driven organization. 

What features does SETWorks include?

SETWorks includes all the features and integrations you need to simplify service delivery including client records & forms, documentation, EVV, case management, billing, and reporting

I’m using a lot of different tools to manage my services. Can SETWorks replace them all?

SETWorks replaces scattered tools like CRMs, spreadsheets, and paper records. This makes it  the single source of truth to manage your disability service agency from referral through billing.  

Our platform also integrates with other internal and external systems you use, such Quickbooks, Paycom, and ADP, saving your agency time and eliminating errors. 

Does SETWorks offer a mobile solution?

Yes! SETWorks can be used on any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and has a responsive design so it automatically scales to fit the size of your screen. 

This flexibility allows you and your team to access and manage vital information efficiently while on the move, enhancing productivity and ensuring continuous, seamless access to our comprehensive system, no matter where you are.


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How much does SETWorks cost?

SETWorks is designed to grow with you, so our tiered pricing model is based on the average number of individuals served on an annual basis — not the number of users.   

Your monthly subscription fee includes access to every feature we offer, plus unlimited file storage, assistance from our Client Success and Support teams, 24/7 access to our knowledge base, and a track record of availability above 99.9%.  

There is a one-time setup fee to make sure you get started on the right foot with personal, collaborative support from our onboarding experts. Optional services like system integrations to payroll, accounting, and billing systems, EVV, authorization imports, and EMAR+  are charged separately. 

We never want cost to be an inhibiting factor in getting the software you need, so we’re happy to share information about grants and other funding options.  

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We’re on a tight budget. How do I justify the expense of a system like SETWorks?

When you switch to SETWorks, you don’t need to pay for things like Salesforce, Dropbox, or paper record storage. This adds up to significant savings. Plus, it’s easier than ever to stay in compliance, maintain a high level of billability, and save your staff time through using SETWorks.  

Here are some results our clients have achieved: 


Getting up & running with SETWorks

How long will it take to implement SETWorks?

On average, it takes about 3-5 months to implement SETWorks from kickoff to go-live. However, this can vary significantly based on your organization’s needs and goals. Our team will work closely with your agency to develop a project implementation plan that works with your timeline and priorities. 

I have a lot of files and data. Can my data be migrated into SETWorks?

Our collaborative implementation process is designed to get you up and running smoothly with an optimized system that meets your agency's unique needs. We'll work alongside your team to find solutions to your current frustrations and help you get the most out of SETWorks' powerful features.


  1. First, we'll support your team to move your existing data into SETWorks. 
  2. Then, we'll work with you to configure the system through weekly calls and check-ins designed to solve your unique challenges. 
  3. We'll also provide tailored training and support to help you teach other members of your team to use SETWorks. 
  4. After you go live with SETWorks, we'll be by your side to help troubleshoot any issues or additional needs that come up — as well as make sure you're using SETWorks as efficiently as possible. 

Some of my staff aren’t tech-savvy. Is SETWorks easy to learn?

SETWorks is designed with direct care staff in mind, with simple interfaces and workflows that make sense for the way you work. This makes it easy and intuitive for even the most non-tech-savvy staff. Plus, our team has spent years serving at disability agencies and will provide you with the tools, training, and resources you need to ensure your staff feel supported.  

Support & security

What support is available once I’m up and running with SETWorks?

Once you're up and running with SETWorks, you'll have access to our Client Success team to help with strategy and growth planning, goal planning and tracking, integrations and upgrades. Our Support team is also here to help you understand system functionality, provide system recommendations, and solve technical issues.  


In addition, you'll have 24/7 access to our SETWorks knowledge base with support articles and how-to's, field research, state user group forums, and weekly discussion topics.

How does SETWorks ensure my data stays secure?

We store your data in secure, HIPAA-compliant databases. In addition, we encrypt your information when it’s stored and transmitted so that it can’t be intercepted. Only you decide who gets to see your data, internally and externally.  

We also back up your data every minute and monitor the system 24x7x365 to make sure you never lose your important information.  

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I already have a lot to keep track of. How will I be able to stay up to date with SETWorks?

As a SETWorks client, you’ll have access to our knowledge base, as well as monthly client newsletters, webinars, and release notes so you can stay current with the latest changes and updates. 

Services & communities

Who is SETWorks for?

SETWorks supports intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and surrounding services, including employment services, day programs, residential programs, community services, personal care services, and other core services 

Can SETWorks support multiple different services within one organization?

Absolutely, SETWorks is designed to accommodate and streamline a variety of services within a single organization. Our platform allows for seamless integration of multiple services, ensuring that all client information is accessible and manageable within one unified system. This not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances the quality of care and support you can offer to your clients. 

I have a really unique service. Will SETWorks be able to accommodate my needs?

Yes! SETWorks is flexible for a wide range of person-centered services and our team is here to help. SETWorks also has tools available that allow you to personalize the system on your own. 


To ensure that SETWorks aligns with your unique service, our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and objectives. This collaborative approach allows us to configure the software to fit the intricacies of your service delivery model, ensuring that all necessary functionalities are in place to support your operations effectively. Whether it involves workflows, reports, or data management processes, SETWorks is committed to providing a solution that not only accommodates but also enhances your unique service offering. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Is SETWorks EVV compliant?

Yes! SETWorks is EVV compliant. EVV functionality is built into SETWorks, so service and location data is captured alongside your normal daily documentation. 


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Can SETWorks integrate with my state EVV solution?

Absolutely! SETWorks is fully equipped to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of state Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems across the nation. Our platform is designed to work effectively with any EVV aggregator selected by your state or Managed Care Organization (MCO). This integration ensures that your organization remains compliant with state requirements while benefiting from the efficiency and ease of our comprehensive system.


For more detailed information on how SETWorks can align with your specific EVV needs and to explore the full capabilities of our EVV solution, please visit our dedicated EVV information page.


How does SETWorks support billing?

SETWorks supports both manual and electronic billing (‘ebilling’). In many cases, SETWorks can connect to your funder’s ebilling system to submit claims directly. If your funder does not support ebilling, you have the option to generate a file export containing claims to be processed and upload it to your funder’s system for fast and accurate submission.  


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Can SETWorks integrate with my funder’s billing system?

Yes! SETWorks is currently integrated with multiple state billing systems, and we can integrate with any system that supports electronic interfacing.  


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How does SETWorks help ensure my billing is completed and submitted accurately?

When you enter billing information, SETWorks automatically performs several checks to ensure the data is valid. If any errors are found, the system will notify your billing staff. 


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State-specific questions

My state requires very specific forms. Will SETWorks be able to accommodate my needs?

Yes! SETWorks is currently used in over 30 states, so we already have many of the state-specific forms and reports you need. Our national team of disability service experts will work closely with you to understand your needs and ensure your requirements are met. 

Things are constantly changing in my state. How does SETWorks stay on top of all the changes?

SETWorks is dedicated to remaining current with the ever-evolving state regulations and policies. This commitment is upheld through two decades of cultivating strong relationships with providers and funders across the country.

Our team regularly engages with these partners, participates in industry conferences, and stays informed about new developments. Additionally, we keep a close watch on legislative and policy changes, ensuring that our software not only meets current standards but is also prepared for future shifts. This comprehensive, proactive approach allows us to continuously offer a reliable, compliant, and efficient service that adapts to the changing needs of our clients.

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