In SETWorks you can bill for all services with just a few clicks. Whether it’s electronic or manual, our billing system and reports are intuitive, save time and reduce error.

SETWorks validates data as it is entered, as well as notifies billing staff of errors that may lead to billing being rejected. ICD10 codes are validated, addresses are confirmed against the USPS database, Medicaid statuses are reviewed, and many other rules are evaluated to help ensure your billing is completed and submitted accurately the first time.

SETWorks utilizes the HIPAA EDI 837 Health Care Claim Transaction Set and the HIPAA EDI 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advise Transaction Set. Additional EDI standards are supported by request. When no integration exists, SETWorks provides various billing reports and CSV export options for simplifying more manual billing processes.

Billing for disability service agencies has never been easier