Employment Services

Employment services are a matching game involving many moving parts. Providers must make and manage partnerships with employers, manage the jobs available, and arguably the most important, land stable jobs for individuals seeking employment. This no longer has to be contained on a spreadsheet!


SETWorks is here to make the ultimate goal of finding the perfect person-centered job for your individuals a breeze.


SETWorks’ cloud-based employment services software has been the cornerstone in the success of many employment services programs for over 15 years. We are passionate about providing the tools that enable agencies to effectively integrate clients into jobs and into the community.

Man leaning down next to another man holding a tablet | SETWorks employment services software

Keep a database of all employers in your community and beyond with all the information you need

Quickly find job candidates for a client by searching across all jobs in the system on a variety of factors such as opening date and status, position type, time commitment, location and more.

Perform extensive analyses on each job detailing:

Track placements and all information related to the job, including:

In addition to doing your documentation, SETWorks houses all the individual’s information in one spot as an electronic profile where you can get a quick glance into all the information you need to deliver a quality service.

In SETWorks the individual’s profile contains all relevant information in one place including:

Proud long-term sponsor of APSE nationwide

We are proud to partner with APSE and supported their members for over a decade through our employment services software.

See how SETWorks makes managing employment services a breeze