New Year, New Look: The 2021 SETWorks Brand Refresh

Our updated branding reflects our mission and vision for the future.

SETWorks team memberse Henri and David smiling in office building in Kansas City, MO.

If you’ve been hanging around SETWorks for a while, you may have noticed that we’ve made some big changes to our brand. (If not, hi and welcome!)


We wanted to show you around our new website and explain the story behind our brand refresh, why it’s important, and what it means for our team and clients.

New look, same mission

First things first: In case you didn’t know, SETWorks has been around since the early 2000s. And while our mission to empower every person at every IDD agency to better serve has stayed the same, a lot has changed since then. 


We’ve grown from a team of two — our founders, Henri and David — to an industry-leading platform that is used in 25 states (and counting!). As we’ve grown, we’ve learned more about our clients’ needs and how they use the SETWorks system. The industry, too, has changed, and SETWorks has evolved to keep pace with these changes. So back in September, we decided it was time to update our site to make sure it was current and accurate. 


In the process of updating our website, though, we realized that we had outgrown our existing branding. Our colors and design weren’t quite reflecting who we had become as a business. So we decided to take a step back and revisit our branding to make sure it accurately reflected our mission and vision in the IDD space.


Color is one of the first things you notice, so we spent a lot of time thinking about how to make sure our color scheme reflected who we are and the people we serve.


Here at SETWorks, we believe in working hard and having fun doing it. We’re excited about the disability service industry and the people we work with, so we wanted our color scheme to reflect that. Naturally, we looked toward bright and energetic colors to capture this sense of enthusiasm. 


Getting it right was important to us, so we spent hours poring over color palettes and thinking about how they would feel. In the end, we settled on a handful of colors that match our vibrant team and clients:

SETWorks brand colors


Our typography, too, needed to reflect our human side. Because of that, we selected Ubuntu — a modern, humanist font — for our headings. And, since our team loves the outdoors, Cabin font was a natural choice for body copy. Cabin is described as a font that is “modern, but remains true to its roots” — just like SETWorks.


Once we settled on our new fonts and color scheme, we also updated our logo. Our old logo featured a strong red color that several people described as “angry” —  not exactly the feeling we were going for! 


Of course, we also wanted to remember where we came from, so the new SETWorks logo features the same icon you’re already familiar with — just updated with our new brand colors. 


The icon shows a person raising their hand in victory, representing how we empower agencies to help the individuals they serve to live happy and satisfied lives.

new vs old setworks logo


At SETWorks, we believe our team is one of the things that sets us apart from other providers in the industry. Because we’re focused entirely on the disability services  space, our team knows the IDD space quite well and understands our clients needs and challenges. 

We also love working closely with our customers and getting to know them as individuals. We believe that being able to put a face to a name is important, whether you’re sending an email or putting in a support ticket. 

You’ll notice that we’ve chosen to include images of our team around our website. In fact, if you hop over to our new About Us page, you’ll see some of our smiling faces:

SETWorks team members
SETWorks team members: Blake Theiss, Valerie Story, and Anna Spexarth

What’s changed (and what hasn’t)

These branding changes are reflected in our new website, but you’ll also see them in our presentations, emails, and on social media. 

Apart from a new logo and colors on the login page, everything within the SETWorks system will remain the same to ensure our clients have a seamless experience. 

In addition to this new look, we’ve also made some changes to our website to make it more useful for the IDD agencies we serve, including:

  • An updated support website 
  • New articles and resources for IDD agencies on our blog 
  • A new email newsletter filled with helpful tips, updates, and resources
  • New site pages, including our About Us and FAQ page to make it easier to find answers to common questions about SETWorks

Our brand reflects our vision

For us, rebranding has meant taking a closer look at our values and creating a unified vision for SETWorks. 

“Our vision is to serve the disability services industry long term by continually innovating, improving, and producing industry-leading tools and services to help agencies do their best work possible,” says SETWorks co-CEO David Lindell. “We’re thrilled to update our aesthetic to better reflect the innovative nature of our software and services, as well as our friendly and supportive approach to serving our clients.”

We hope that SETWorks’ new look will delight agencies and clients using our software. Feel free to click around the site and explore our new resources. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on our brand refresh. And of course, we’d love to give you a tour of our software system. You can click here to request a demo with our friendly team. 

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