Why SETWorks for your IDD agency?

Everything you need to manage your IDD organization

SETWorks is designed to electronically manage every aspect of IDD agencies, from referral through billing. SETWorks also has built-in expertise to handle the unique requirements from funders/counties/states across the US, helping organizations manage both simple and complex aspects of service delivery in their local region.

Simplify & automate billing

The SETWorks eBilling solution allows effortless billing to any funding source with just one click! Ebilling is integrated with service notes and authorizations, supports a comprehensive set of billing rules, to greatly simplify documentation compliance and billing.

Designed specifically for IDD agencies

Built from the ground up to singularly focus on IDD, SETWorks streamlines all IDD services including Employment Services, Supported Employment, Day Programs, Respite Care, Community Programs, Residential, Transportation Services, and more.


In the Cloud

Web-Based: Available anywhere, anytime, on any device without third party plug-ins or installation



HIPAA & SOC Compliant and Secure: We meet or exceed objectives stated in ISO 27001 (or equivalent) in regard to software and security, perform external penetration testing and are compliant with SSAE-18, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3.



Okay, maybe closer to 99% but we always strive for more!


Made in the USA

We don't outsource any aspect of our solution and if you ever need support you will work directly with the SETWorks team.

Much more than a client management system

Make your entire client record electronic.

Securely bill for services with a few clicks! Fully automated validation checks all the way through.

Unlimited File Storage

Unlimited document storage - any file type, any size. No extra cost.

Integrated Service Tracking

Manage all your services - log notes, authorizations, goals, monthlies, quarterlies, attendance, in one place and connected.

Reminders / Alerts

Batch configure and set multiple reminders so you'll never miss a beat.


All the tools you need to manage staff across your organization.

What Our Clients Say ...

"Overall very happy with the formats we have created together ... some of the best visual format and information layout seen from a provider. Our expectations for ourselves are high and we are committed to having our service information be top notch, so thanks again for all your work with our agency to assist us in maintaining these high standards."

TINA Executive Director, ICAN

What Our Clients Say ...

"We've used 6 or 7 other systems, and the support with SET-Works is in a whole other universe. With other systems, don't expect that kind of support or you will be SORELY disappointed."

BRIDGET HASSAN Employment and Residential Services Director, Easter Seals UCP

What Our Clients Say ...

"I'm using this whole system. I'm pretty much paperless at this point! My staff absolutely love SET-Works."

Debra Brock CFPC

What Our Clients Say ...

"We used to have to enter data into 3 systems, and now SET-Works handles it all. It's so easy!"


What Our Clients Say ...

"Best move we've made in Franklin county for service coordinators and families! Billing Rejections have gone way down and it pays for itself just with the efficiencies gained."

Thomas Sinclair Executive Director at Franklin County DDRB

What Our Clients Say ...

"Thanks to SETWorks, our staff went from 38% billable to over 85% billable."

Todd Executive Director, Peninsula Services

What Our Clients Say ...

"We've used 6 or 7 other systems, and the support with SET-Works is in a whole other universe... don't expect this kind of support with other systems or you will be SORELY disappointed."

BRIDGET HASSAN Employment and Residential Services Director, Easter Seals UCP

Powerful Integrations

SETWorks allows you to leverage some of your current investments by integrating with systems you may already be using such as accounting systems, payroll systems and more! Integrating SETWorks with these systems allows you to expedite processes, streamline workflows and generate efficiencies too! We interface with many systems and are able to interface with any system that will support an electronic interface.


Microsoft Dynamics







Broaden Your Horizon to What's Possible.

Having technology in place to operate agencies is becoming more and more essential for running a successful agency. We're passionate about providing an incredible technology solution with an amazing team available to service each and every client.