4 Tips for Becoming a “Best Place to Work”

Explore ways to create a workplace that keeps employees happy and engaged.

tips for becoming a best place to work

Research shows that 60% of US employees are emotionally detached in their current work and workplace — and that’s great news for your organization.  


Why? Because by cultivating an outstanding work environment, you can tap into a huge talent market that’s just waiting for a more fulfilling job opportunity.  


Building a reputation as a fantastic place to work makes your organization a magnet for talented individuals who are dissatisfied with their current work environment.  


Not only that, but investing in a great workplace culture can boost productivity, attract top talent, and foster innovation and customer satisfaction. 


With that in mind, we’re thrilled to share that SETWorks has been named a “Best Place to Work” in Kansas City for the second year in a row!  


How did we do it? We put significant effort to create a workplace people love. While we’re always refining our approach, here are a few key strategies that have helped us achieve this recognition: 

1. Prioritize employee wellbeing

The year 2020 brought employee wellbeing into the foreground: If the people in your organization aren’t healthy — physically and emotionally — your organization isn’t healthy either.  


But an organization’s stance on employee wellbeing has long been a major factor in where people want to work and how they feel about their current employer. In fact, it was a top three issue for every generational cohort even before COVID-19. This means that prioritizing employee wellbeing should be a top issue for every employer, too.  


Here at SETWorks, we support our employees’ wellbeing by offering unlimited paid time off and encouraging every employee to take at least three weeks of it. We also revamped our health insurance offerings, giving employees access to benefits like fitness classes and professional counseling to promote physical and mental wellbeing. This ensures our team can come to the table refreshed, rejuvenated, and fully present.  

2. Empower people to grow

When employees have opportunities for personal and professional growth, they’re more likely to feel satisfied with their jobs. This in turn leads to higher productivity and better results for both customers and the company.  


But don’t take our word for it: According to Udemy, 80% of people felt learning new skills would make them more engaged at work. A separate study by Gallup found that engaged employees can increase company productivity by 14%, elevate customer ratings by 10%, and boost profitability by 23%. 


Recognizing that personal growth fuels employee engagement, we actively cultivate an environment that supports continual development. For instance, we host an annual Hackathon, giving our team an opportunity to set aside their to-do list and delve into innovative new projects. This not only challenges and supports their growth but also contributes meaningfully to our clients and community. 

3. Align work with a meaningful mission 

Regardless of whether you’re running a nonprofit or a Fortune 500 company, your organization needs a clearly defined mission that employees can connect to. Why? 


When our work aligns with a greater mission, it gains profound purpose. Even the most mundane tasks take on heightened significance. 


At SETWorks, our mission is centered on empowering those who serve the disability community. We work hard to make sure every team member understands how their role contributes to this mission. This fosters a sense of pride and purpose in their daily work, whether they’re helping a client or writing code.  

4. Show people they are valued

Employees want to feel like their work matters. They also want to feel like they matter as a person. So it should come as no surprise that when employees feel valued, they’re more engaged and motivated.  


Need proof? Here at SETWorks our BPTW survey results indicated that 100 percent of employees agreed that senior leaders value them as the company’s most important resource. As a result, 96 percent reported being highly engaged.  


Compare that to the global norm, where only 23 percent of employees are engaged at work, and it’s clear that valuing employees can have a huge impact on engagement.  


“I have worked at multiple different places where I felt like my work mattered but I did not,” said one SETWorks employee. “At SETWorks, I feel like both my work matters and I matter.” 

Final thoughts

Becoming a “Best Place to Work” isn’t a one-time achievement—it’s an ongoing commitment. Here at SETWorks, we’re always fine-tuning our methods, listening to our team, aligning work with our shared mission, and ensuring every team member feels genuinely appreciated. We hope that these insights will help you make your company an even better place to work, too. 

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