IDD Software 101: What is IDD Software?

An introduction to disability service software

what is idd software

As a disability service agency, you’re no stranger to acronyms and abbreviations. ABA, CBI, CARF, DD — it’s an alphabet soup! But there’s one term you might not be familiar with, and that’s IDD software.  


IDD software is an essential tool for any organization that wants to stay organized, streamline its daily workflows, and deliver better care.  In this article, we’ll define what IDD software is and how it works. Then we’ll take a look at who should consider using it. We’ll wrap up by explaining how IDD software is different from other tools you might be familiar with, such as CRM or EHR. Ready to dive right in?


What is IDD software?

IDD software stands for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities software. As the name implies, the intent of IDD software is to manage different aspects of what a disability service organization does. This can be anything from scheduling staff, to maintaining client records, service and documentation tracking, billing, and more. These systems typically exist to enhance how you operate, improve compliance, and ultimately to help you serve your clients better. 


Within IDD software, all the data stored  such as client records, phone numbers, notes, and other documentation  is accessible from within one system, in one place.  In more modern systems, this data is securely available on the web, and from any type of device  laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  


IDD software often is more than just a client data tracking system.  Additional features are available to assist with many administrative tasks that span departments, from filerooms to HR and payroll to accounting.


You might be curious how a single tool does all of this, so let’s take a closer look.

What does IDD software do?

From the time an individual walks through your door, IDD software starts collecting all of their data in one client record.


For example, let’s say you have a client named Lukas Holland. IDD software will store all relevant information about this individual, starting with his referral and intake data, all the way through to his medical history, preferences, goals, and prior notes. Instead of lugging around a binder, everyone who works with Lukas can easily access his ISP and other information on-site, at home, or from wherever they’re working. Best of all, Lukas’s providers will be equipped with the data they need to deliver exceptional care. 


IDD software streamlines data collection, too. The latest generation of IDD software is mobile-friendly, so providers can capture notes and information during visits using a smartphone or tablet. If you need to track times and locations for electronic visit verification (EVV), IDD software can collect all of that  information along the way in real time.  


When it’s time to bill, all the documentation you need is available at your fingertips so you don’t have to go looking for service notes or authorizations. IDD software automatically validates billing data as it’s entered, saving you the hassle of dealing with rejected claims. With these tasks off your plate, you’re free to focus on serving your clients. 


In addition to maintaining client records and billing, IDD software also helps you manage your programs and service providers. Everything from client intake to scheduling appointments can be done in one place. IDD software lets you set up provider schedules and see how many clients each provider is working with at a time to ensure caseloads are balanced. It also integrates with HR and payroll systems to help you manage all the back-end aspects of your business more efficiently.


Throughout this entire process, IDD software helps reduce errors and ensure your organization stays in compliance with regional, state, and federal requirements. 


Of course, IDD software can vary widely from one vendor to the next. Not every system will include all the functionality we’ve mentioned above, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully before choosing the system that fits your organization best. 


Now that you know what IDD software is and what it can do, let’s look at who should consider using it. 

Who is IDD software for?

Any organization that serves individuals with disabilities can benefit from using IDD software. That includes community services, day programs, employment services, in-home support, supported living programs, and transportation services — to name a few. An IDD software system will help you manage the data that matters to your agency and serve it up in a way that makes sense for your workflows.  


While IDD software is designed for agencies that serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it’s not limited to these. IDD software can also benefit organizations that provide other disability services, such as substance abuse and mental/behavioral health services. For this reason it is sometimes referred to as “disability service software”.


With IDD or disability service software, everyone in your organization — managers, DSPs, schedulers, billing staff, and so on — has access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively. 


Because your entire team is using the same system, you won’t have to enter the same data multiple times or waste time trying to get the information you need from other departments. And, knowing the IDD industry continues to be impacted by high turnover rates and a staffing crisis, an IDD software system will keep that historical data — allowing you to focus on the next hire, not the paperwork.


With everything in one place, you’ll get a clearer picture of your agency’s performance and areas where you can improve.  This makes IDD software a must-have for agencies that are looking to become higher performing organizations, produce greater outcomes, and grow over time.

How is IDD software different from other tools like CRM and EHR systems?

While CRM and EHR are incredibly powerful tools, many teams find that they don’t quite fit the bill and can actually work against you! The problem isn’t necessarily the software itself — it’s the fact that these systems aren’t built for your business. Using them can feel like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. 


While IDD software shares many similarities with CRM and EHR, the difference is that IDD software is designed specifically with disability service agencies in mind. Because of this, it has all the features you want and need. With EHR or CRM software, you’re often paying for features you don’t need — which is very expensive. 


The first thing you’ll notice when you login to IDD software is that everything makes sense for your agency’s needs. The interface and reporting tools are designed with IDD providers in mind, making it easy to navigate the system and find the information you need. Workflows are tailored to the types of tasks disability service providers need to complete, so everything is intuitive and saves you time. 


Another big difference between IDD software and other types of systems is the team behind it. CRM and EHR software providers serve a lot of different types of businesses, so they tend to have broad knowledge about a variety of industries. On the other hand, the best IDD software providers cater to disability service agencies specifically — so they know the industry well and speak your language.


Furthermore, regulations in the disability service industry change frequently, so it’s important that your IDD software changes to accommodate these new requirements. An IDD software company should be committed to ensuring compliance, while a CRM or EHR vendor might not be as aware of these regulations.

Stay tuned for more

Now that you know what IDD software is and how it can help, you might want to learn more about how it can benefit your organization specifically. In that case, our team would be happy to give you a tour! Just click here to request your free demo of SETWorks’ IDD software.


Next up: Learn about the benefits of IDD software and the signs your agency needs IDD software

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