The Entire Case Management Workflow

Supporting the Entire Case Management Workflow



Supporting the entire Case Management workflow

Advanced Case Management Notes

It’s a breeze for Support Coordinators to write their notes.  In addition, there are a multitude of features to simplify writing notes and for quality control:

  • Simple drop-down fields for selecting necessary information
  • Use pre-defined templates for each service
  • Single-click to access client record information
  • Spell-checking
  • Character counts
  • Manage late documentation
  • Many others!

Electronic Billing

  • Electronically bill directly from SETWorks (without an exporting/importing process)
  • View a live status of claims
  • Parses remittance advice (835 reconciliation), letting you know what has been paid, partially-paid, and not paid
  • Resubmit, Void, and make Replacement Claims
  • Run pre-billing and post-billing reports
  • Manage late documentation
  • Many others!

Automatically sync with the state system

Consumer demographics, Medicaid eligibility, waiver status, services, and other information automatically syncs on a nightly basis with SET-Works.

Meets all reporting needs

SETWorks comes with over 200 reports to meet any organization need, from billing, HR, data integrity validation, accounting, payroll, mileage and expenses, audits, accreditation outcome tracking, productivity reports, and much more.

Export all reports into Excel, CSV, PDF, and other formats.

Quality Control System to track organizational Outcomes

Automatically track all your CARF/CQL outcomes and goals, making CARF/CQL surveys and audits easy.  Simply run a report for any date range to see how each of your departments or programs are tracking.

Synchronizes with Direct Service Providers

Authorizations, monthlies, and other applicable information can be electronically shared between the direct service provider and you.

Auto-track due dates

SETWorks automatically creates recurring tasks for all clients according to the services they are reciving, and automatically handles assigning them to staff.

  • Tasks are assigned based on the service(s) a client is receiving
  • Staff are notified when tasks are becoming due
  • Managers or a “fileroom” can verify and sign-off on tasks
  • View lists of tasks becoming due
  • Easily identify which tasks are at risk

Case Load Management

With no configuration needed, SET-Works automatically helps ensure case loads are balanced:

  • Track an estimated effort of coordinating clients through assigning a configurable “weight” or “acuity” score.
  • View size of case loads on a coordinator-by-coordinator basis, showing total load based on estimated effort, and averages.

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