Real Security

We take extreme care to ensure the safety of our clients' data


High Quality

Details matter - expertly created and maintained. SET-Works employs the highest quality standards for the technology and infrastructure, with a track record of availability above 99.99%.

Access Controls

You decide who sees your data, internally and externally. SET-Works is protected by enterprise-grade HIPAA compliant SSL security, and the system is maintained and monitored 24x7x365 to ensure optimal defense against any security threats. No one sees your data without your permission.

Data Security: Peace of Mind at Every Level

Redundant power systems protect against power surges and system failures, and 24x7x365 monitoring and maintenance ensures consistent stability and reliability of the hardware. To protect data in the case of critical system failures, backups are captured and distributed to multiple secure locations multiple times per day.

Audit-ready every day

SET-Works is HIPAA compliant at every level.


Infrastructure Specifics

SETWorks servers are located in a Tier III Business Class hosting facility

The hosting facility offers:

24x7x365 monitoring by network engineers for maintenance, support, and for immediate response in case of system failures

High capacity power capability with N+1 redundancy

Multiple high capacity on-site diesel generators

High availability, redundant network infrastructure with blended bandwidth from multiple providers and a dedicated dark fiber network

Certified SSAE-16 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, NIST, Safe Harbor

Maintains the highest standards of physical and network security, with biometric access controls and secondary PIN

Continual updating of firewall

Load balancing capabilities to handle expansion and scalability

Employs Best of Breed Hosting Technology to ensure highest reliability and performance

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