One Client Record

One client record shared across your organization

SETWorks is structured beautifully for organizations that provide one service or many. Track all client data across all programs a client is in. Manage service changes. Segment data based on service or other attributes - service plan data, goals, authorizations, forms, and much more.


The Client Record

A comprehensive client profile

Store extensive demographic data (DOB, gender, ethnicity, etc.), phone numbers, addresses, family information, guardianship status, languages spoken, mode of communication, primary identifiers (SSN, DMH, VR, medicaid, medicare, etc.), behavioral considerations, legal status, physical characteristics, primary/secondary/backup agency contacts, and so many more fields.  Also supports creating custom fields to support unique needs of organizations.

One record shared across all programs

Administrators, Managers, Day Program Supervisors, In-Home Staff, Job Coaches, and any other role have access to the same client record.  From there, viewing, creating, and editing functions are all controlled through configuration tools.  Through this, HIPAA-compliance is met, duplicate data entry is eliminated, and paper records can be tossed!

Health & Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

Keep a complete health record:  Track basic health details, concerns, alerts, allergies, supportive equipment, vital signs, and much more. 

Also track medications, administer medications, view side effects, view interactions, generate doctor’s orders, and much more.

Network:  Guardians, Emergency Contacts, Doctors, etc.

All contacts related to the client are entered and managed through the system.  Contacts can be easily e-mailed, or mailing labels easily printed, and the data auto-populates on emergency reports and other reports.

Incident Reporting

Basic and state-specific incident forms are available in the system.  Forms are generated and exportable to a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, etc.) for printing or e-mailing.

Medicaid Data

Keep a complete history of medicaid spans/statuses with the additional ability to evaluate the current status and display it in an easily understood manner.


Setup schedules based on your program needs:  By department/site, service, staff, and custom groupings. 

Staff can view schedules anytime, and export or print schedules for themselves and the consumers they work with.

Track communication

Track any communication that occurs on behalf of a consumer:  With a funding source contact, service coordinator, guardian, employer, boy scout leader, or any other.

Track client events

Referral dates, intake, initial consumer contact, annual plan, monthly/quarterly dates, and any other date – everything can be entered, tracked, and reminders set.

Automatic data checking & correction

When data is entered, or imported from other systems, the system automatically validates data: 

• Addresses are automatically verified with USPS and corrected
• ICD9/ICD10 diagnoses codes
• Medicaid Numbers
• Social Security numbers
• And others!

Service Plans


Service authorizations tie everything together:  When staff complete daily logs, the logs are tied directly to authorizations in the system.  Behind the scenes, authorizations are tied to contracts and funding sources.  From there, submitting billing, and powerful reporting, are just a few clicks away. 

• Capture all standard authorization data.
• Supports unit-based and outcome/milestone based authorizations.
• Automatically tracks authorization hours and sends reminders when the authorization runs low on hours or expires.
• Configure authorization hours on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  The system automatically tracks usage per day/week/month, and displays exact usage when staff are completing their logs.
• Run reports to view historical authorization usage, and forecast new authorizations to help plan service delivery.

Authorization Outcomes/Milestones

Track all outcome/milestone data: 

• Outcome/Milestone type
• Default rates
• Relevant Start/End dates
• Who the outcome/milestone was completed by, and when
• If applicable, if it was incompleted and why
• Generate invoices, ready to print or export into PDF

Goal Tracking

Track outcomes, goals, and any related data.  When consumers are in multiple services and have multiple sets of goals, each outcome/goal can be tied to an authorization, which simplifies daily log notes and prevents any chance of staff logging on incorrect goals.

Documentation/Daily logs

Billable and Non-Billable data-entry screens are configurable to each service.  Create recurring appointments, one-on-one records, group records, and others. 

Configure individual prompts (Verbal Prompt, Object Prompt, and assessment data) per service, and effortlessly capture the prompt data per day.  Once captured, easily view progress on goals via easy-to-read daily and monthly reports.


Dynamic Forms – for auto-generating monthlies, quarterlies, and more

Dynamic forms enables clients to go paperless.  Many state forms are also already available within SETWorks, and when not, we work with our clients to get their unique forms represented electronically. 

Many types of forms are often reproduced in SETWorks:  Monthlies and Quarterlies, Surveys, Consent forms, Release of Authorization forms, Service Plans, and many more. 

For monthlies/quarterlies:  SETWorks automatically pulls all your notes together, to make reviewing and adding comments quick and effective. 

Forms can be auto-populated from any data throughout the system.

Secure Document Storage

Unlimited space with no limits on file size and type

Upload and organize an unlimited number of files of any file type.  All files are backed up & each revision is archived.  As with everything in SETWorks, all files are secure behind high-grade SSL encryption and stored on HIPAA compliant servers. 

(Documents can also be attached to staff records, employer records, department and home records, and organization-wide.)

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