IDD Transportation Services Software

SETWorks simplifies IDD transportation services by providing a simple interface to log mileage, produce custom reporting, and bill for the service.

Log Mileage

Log mileage and all details on the transport:

  • Odometer readings
  • From and to locations
  • Note company car details, commuting, client presence
  • Extra notes

Mileage History and Billing Reports

Reporting options:

  • Configure reports to handle various transportation billing methods
  • View number of transports completed per client per day
  • View distances, rates, and aggregates on a staff by staff basis
  • Filter data based on company car, commuting, client presence, and other factors

Electronic Billing

The billing system is integrated into the scheduling system:  When each group is created, the system auto-assigns authorizations to each group.  Behind the scenes, authorizations are tied to contracts and funding sources.  Data entry is kept simple for staff, and billing becomes effortless.  Data never needs to be entered twice.

Learn more about the electronic billing capabilities of SETWorks.