Software for Residential Programs

Many factors are involved in running a successful residential program. From a management perspective, one of the hardest and most time-consuming aspects is keeping track of everything happening across (potentially) many locations – with staff, the clients, and the homes. SETWorks helps agencies succeed by providing a super simple interface for staff to use, while providing both staff and managers powerful tools to manage and oversee each and every part of the operation.

Tracking Attendance

Create attendance sheets, and easily mark when each client is in attendance/out of the program/hospitalized/not served/etc.


Full support for scheduling needs:

  • Schedule Groups
  • Assign staff to each group
  • Create recurring appointments
  • Easily move clients and staff between groups, and change attendance
  • Share calendars
  • Print schedules for both clients and staff
  • Automatic handling of scheduling conflicts to prevent double-billing
  • Auto-assigned authorizations, making billing effortless

Default Schedules

Simplify the scheduling process by creating default schedules for clients.  Supports creating multiple schedules for the same client, for different departments/programs/staff.

Progress Notes

Effectively supports both individual and group services:

  • Complete all progress notes for all clients in the group in one screen
  • View comments from other staff on the same screen
  • Log on clients and any goals being worked on during the group, including completing task analysis (e.g. verbal prompts), and viewing trends on goals
  • Quick glance into each client and staff schedule
  • As a manager/supervisor, quickly review staff comments
  • As a manager/supervisor/staff, easily send secure messages to the staff in the group

Client Finances

Track finances for clients:

  • Keep multiple accounts per client
  • Track deposits and expenses
  • Generate transaction reports
  • Upload scanned receipts and other documents

Home Finances

Track finances for residential homes:

  • Keep multiple accounts
  • Track deposits and expenses
  • Generate transaction reports
  • Upload scanned receipts and other documents

Home Communication

Staff can share information and discuss topics related to the home they work in.

Home File Storage

Scan and upload documents related to each home.  As with document storage in SETWorks, there are no limits on file size nor type.


Customize monthly and quarterly forms, auto-populate necessary information, automatically aggregate data for the month/quarter, and include all progress notes (and other helpful information) to quickly and effectively complete the forms.

Tracking Client Health

Medications, medication administration, vital signs, scale assessments, incidents, doctor’s orders, and much more can be tracked within the client record.

Learn More about the Client Record

Electronic Billing

The billing system is integrated into the scheduling system:  When each group is created, the system auto-assigns authorizations to each group.  Behind the scenes, authorizations are tied to contracts and funding sources.  Data entry is kept simple for staff, and billing becomes effortless.  Data never needs to be entered twice.

Learn More about Electronic Billing

Incident/Event Forms

Create generic and state-specific incident/event forms, then export, print, or e-mail them.  For unique form needs, the SETWorks team can reproduce forms using the advanced Dynamic Forms Builder.

Staff Timekeeping & Payroll Integration

  • Staff attendance is effortlessly tracked as part of daily progress notes.
  • Configure Payroll Earnings Codes, enabling SETWorks to automatically categorize all time entered to correspond with the payroll system configuration (e.g. Regular Hours, Weekend, Night Attendance, Holiday, Sick, Vacation, etc.).
  • Configure exact Weekend shifts and Night Attendance hours on a day-by-day and home-by-home basis.  SETWorks automatically handles re-categorizing hours to accommodate different pay rates.
  • Enter Staff Pay rates on a staff-by-staff and Payroll Earnings Code basis.
  • Automatically handles overtime, including calculating weighted overtime.
  • Integrate with any payroll system supporting integrating with other systems.  Generate import/exports files.
  • Generate timesheet reports to validate staff times and isolate scheduling issues.