Employment Services Software

Full-service software for IDD Employment Programs

For ever 15 years, SETWorks has been the cornerstone in the success of many employment services programs. We are passionate about providing the tools that enable agencies to effectively integrate clients into jobs and into the community. Check out the full-service offerings of our platform.

Employer Database

Keep a database of all employers in your community and beyond:

Employer Profile 

For each employer, track basic contact information for the employer, and specific contacts at the employer.  Keep important notes on each employer to ensure every member of your staff has the information they need.

Workplace Analysis 

Complete an extensive analysis of what it is like working at an employer, and what their requirements are in a hire.

Job Database

Job Openings 

Track job openings and all essential information related to the job.

Job Analysis 

Perform an extensive analysis on each job, detailing the position summary, duties, opportunities for customization, wage type, shift, wage rate, hours, day of week, education requirements, skill requirements, work environment, social interactions, and much more.

Job Search

Quickly find job candidates for a client by searching across all jobs in the system on many factors:  Opening date and status, job/position type, time commitment, location, and many other factors.

Customer Relationship Management

For job development and beyond, track all communication that occurs with each contact at an employer.  Then, run reports to view contacts across your organization, by staff, job type, client-relationship, and many other factors.

Job Placements

Track placements and all information related to the job, including:

  • Job type and duties
  • supervisor
  • benefits
  • schedule
  • wage & wage history
  • hired/termination date
  • event/milestone dates
  • job site health & safety
  • and more.

Employer/Client Map

View all employers on a map, and find employer candidates for specific clients based on client location and other details, then quickly find directions to the employer from the client or office.

Track all Authorization Lines, including Events/Milestones

Configure and track information for Events/Milestones/Outcomes (e.g. Discovery/Exploration, Placement, 30/60/90 Day Evaluation, Maintenance, etc.).  Run reports for each event by event type, staff, and other factors.

Generate Invoices

For funders that do not support electronic billing, SETWorks can generate invoices for each event/authorization line.

Full support for Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model

SETWorks works with many organizations that provide IPS services, and has the tools and reports that have helped them achieve great Fidelity scores.

Agency Production

Manage all aspects of agency production:

  • Track production on an item-by-item level, and task-by-task.
  • Complete prevailing wage surveys.
  • Track agency-wide rates and rate changes, and adjust rates on a client-by-client basis.
  • Manage which items/task each client is working on on any given date, preventing chance of data entry errors.
  • Generate productivity reports showing output on a department-by-department and client-by-client basis, with aggregates.
  • Generate billing reports.
  • Track attendance and integrate with a payroll system.

Proud long-term sponsor of APSE nationwide

APSE LogoSETWorks has been supporting APSE members for over 10 years with their employment services. APSE is the only national, non-profit membership organization dedicated to the vision of Employment First, integrating people with disabilities into jobs in their communities.

See how the complete SETWorks IDD software platform can make managing your employment services program a breeze. Sign up for a personalized demo and we’ll show you how it works.