Managing IDD Programs

Support for every IDD program

Different IDD programs across different funders and states vary significantly in terms of documentation and billing requirements. SETWorks was built from the ground up to handle these varying needs, and is customizable enough to handle individual IDD agency differences as well. The SETWorks team works closely with every agency we partner with to ensure the system operates optimally for their needs.

Specialized IDD Solutions

For over 10 years, SETWorks has been the cornerstone that has allowed many employment programs to succeed. We are passionate about providing the tools that enable organizations to effectively integrate clients into jobs and into the community.

SETWorks for Day Programs improves services and increases productivity through integrating all components of service delivery: Simplified scheduling, easy-to-complete progress notes, auto-generate monthly and quarterlies (and other forms), effortlessly manage client records, and much more.

Many factors are involved in running a successful residential program. From a management perspective, one of the hardest and most time-consuming aspects is keeping track of everything happening across (potentially) many locations – with staff, the clients, and the homes. SETWorks helps agencies succeed by providing a super simple interface for staff to use, while providing both staff and managers powerful tools to manage and oversee each and every part of the operation.

Web-based systems alone provide the flexibility to do work from any place you like. SET-Works is securely accessible on any device with an internet connection, and therefore client records, phone numbers, prior notes, and everything you need to complete documentation is at your fingertips - on-site, at home, in the office, or from anywhere else.

In the future, work will be able to be completed from anywhere. SET-Works is already there. Directly from the clients' home, staff can complete progress notes, fill out forms, review notes, and clients can fill out and sign forms electronically. Out of time? No need to head to the office - staff can save time and effort by going home for dinner, and completing work at their own leisure from home. As the work is completed, notes are instantly accessible by the manager for review and sign-off, and the service is instantly ready to be billed. Easy.

SET-Works simplifies transportation services by providing a simple interface to log mileage, and to bill for the service.

Other Services

The SETWorks platform is customizable to support a wide range of IDD services.  If you have any questions on whether SETWorks would help your agency with your services, we would be more than happy to jump into SETWorks with you and take it step by step.  SETWorks effectively supports IDD services across North America.