SETWorks security means peace of mind at every level

We take extreme care to ensure the safety of our clients’ data through the highest quality standards in both technology and infrastructure.¬†

SETWorks Security

Expertly created and maintained, SETWorks employs the highest quality standards of technology and infrastructure, with a track record of availability above 99.9%.

You decide who sees your data, internally and externally. SETWorks is protected by enterprise-grade, HIPAA-compliant, SSL security and encryption and is automatically monitored for threats. Do you need 2FA? Automatic locking of accounts? Highly specific rules for passwords? SETWorks has you covered.

From obvious redundancies for power, hardware, load balancers, everything we do is setup to the N+1 standard allowing us to remain online even during disasters. Automated fault detection and thresholds allow us to mitigate issues before they are ever noticed by our end-users. Backups are captured to the minute increment and distributed to multiple secure locations multiple times per day to protect data in the case of multiple system failures. Our production data is stored in encrypted elastic block storage giving us a durability rating of 99.999% with highly scalable I/O. All of your data is encrypted during transfer and at rest.

SETWorks is HIPAA compliant at every level.

SETWorks employee Henri
Henri, SETWorks Co-CEO + Founder