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How eitas Went From Three IDD Management Tools to One With SETWorks

About eitas

Empowering individuals through advocacy and support

eitas is a CARF-accredited organization providing funding and services for residents with developmental disabilities in Jackson County, Missouri. Through its support coordination, community outreach, transportation services, and funding efforts, eitas supports nearly 3,000 individuals with disabilities and their families.  

Services: Targeted Case Management, Community Services, Transportation

Company Size: 158 employees

Participants: 1,678 individuals

Location: Missouri

“I’ve recommended SETWorks many times. It’s not only the versatility of the system itself, but working with the SETWorks team has been a great experience.”

Jake Jacobs, Executive Director at eitas 


Siloed systems that wouldn’t scale

Originally founded in 1976 under Senate Bill 40 (SB40), eitas has a long history of supporting individuals with disabilities in Jackson County, Missouri.


As an SB40 board, eitas collects tax levy funds and uses that money — about $8M a year — to purchase supports like employment and residential services.


The organization’s services have evolved over the years to meet changing needs of its clients, and in 2007 the Missouri Department of Mental Health Developmental Disabilities Division approached eitas to provide targeted case management for residents of Jackson County. Since then, the program has grown from one support coordination team to seven. In addition, eitas also provides transportation and community outreach services.


As it grew, eitas saw a need to streamline its ad hoc systems in order to make things easier and more efficient.


“We started out handling all the data ourselves internally, with Excel spreadsheets and other esoteric stuff that we were doing to keep track of everything,” recalls Jake Jacobs, eitas’ executive director. “Then we purchased proprietary software from one of the other county boards and we used that for a few years, but it was pretty basic and became limited as our numbers grew.”

eitas support coordination program serves 1,600+ individuals and generates over $4 million that goes back to the community.

“We were using one system to do all of our logging for case management and submitting the billing to Medicaid, and then we were using an Access database for tracking all those day-to-day tasks that the support coordinators need to do, and then we were using a third one, a server, to keep all of the records,” adds Kristen Yates, eitas’ quality assurance supervisor. 


The problem became clear when eitas reached about one thousand clients. “Once we hit one thousand clients on our caseloads, the old system really started slowing down and causing us problems,” Jake explains.  


Jake and his team knew there had to be another option for IDD management software that could move faster and that didn’t require switching between multiple different systems.  


Powerful software & personalized support

Eitas first heard about SETWorks through other SB40 boards. Ultimately, it was SETWorks’ ability to manage everything eitas needed to do in one place that won the team over.

“We were really sold when SETWorks was able to offer us options for combining from three systems down to one,” recalls Kristen.

The SETWorks team worked closely with eitas to develop a phased implementation plan that would encourage user adoption. 

SETWorks Client Operations Director, Preston Finkle

“We’re constantly going through changes with CMS [Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] or with the Department of Mental Health, so we wanted to build slowly and let people adjust,” explains Kristen. 


One of the largest projects was transferring all of eitas’ records from the server to SETWorks. Moving years of records for nearly two thousand individuals was a daunting task, but Kristen says SETWorks made the transfer seamless.  


“SETWorks helped us set up the format for the records the way we wanted, and then we were able to take all of our information, put it on a jump drive, and they imported it over a weekend,” Kristen explains. “It didn’t even impact our business. Things transferred like they should — it was really impressive.”  


SETWorks was built with the disability service industry in mind, and the team helped ensure everything worked optimally for eitas’ unique needs and requirements.  


For instance, when eitas created a new community outreach department that needed the same capabilities as case management but that would not do any billing, SETWorks created a designation so this department’s logging was completely removed from billing. 

SETWorks empowers its clients by providing everything they need through one platform.

Now, eitas has one system for logging, billing, task management, and recordkeeping across the whole organization. Eitas appreciates how the team at SETWorks has remained involved and responsive throughout the entire process.

“With each project that we've done, SETWorks has just been beyond helpful,” says Kristen. “We've always been able to get questions answered, or support with anything that we're unsure about, or get things customized that we haven't been able to in the past.”


A ‘one stop shop’ for disability service management

Today, eitas manages over 17K billable hours per quarter, 460K files, and 800 tasks in SETWorks — and that number is growing every day.


Having one system instead of three saves time, reduces the potential for errors, and simplifies workflows for their staff and managers.


“Our support coordinators use SETWorks for all of their logging. From there, our billing department can take that information and run reports and do their billing to Medicaid,” says Kristen, illustrating how information in SETWorks flows seamlessly between their departments.

eitas transports over 500 individuals to and from their workplaces throughout Jackson County every week.

Now, all the information about an individual can be viewed in one location — from contact information to files, case notes, and more.  


“For example, if an individual has a support coordinator and they also have transportation services, SETWorks helps our transportation department stay current with who the support coordinator is, or what the person’s address and phone number is,” says Kristen.“They’re able to talk to each other a lot better than if they were using two different systems.” 


Having all the information about an individual available at a glance has also been helpful for the executive team at eitas.  

“I’ll get calls about a problem with a case or service, and I’ll need to know exactly what's going on with that family or individual,” says Jake. “With SETWorks it’s a simple process of looking in the system to find out what's going on with the case.”

Because SETWorks is cloud-based, this important information is available anytime, anywhere on any device with an internet connection.


“Not having to use the VPN to access records on the server is imperative — especially when we transferred to working remotely during COVID,” says Kristen.


Jake has gotten great feedback from his staff and from eitas’ training supervisor, who likes that SETWorks is easier to train on than other electronic systems because of its intuitive user interface.


“SETWorks is so much easier on our staff than having to use three different systems and worry about whether there’s going to be a stitch dropped somewhere,” says Jake.


Eitas is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the people it serves, and Jake appreciates knowing that as eitas grows and changes, SETWorks will grow and change as well.


“The ease of use of working with SETWorks, that’s been at the top of my list,” Jake says. “The fact that they listen and respond; when there’s a problem, they fix it; when there’s a change needed, they change it.”

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