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How The Arc Lane County Accurately Captures EVV Data & Saves 2+ Days of Billing Work Each Month With SETWorks

About The Arc Lane County

Empowering individuals through advocacy and support

For over 65 years, The Arc Lane County has ensured that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families have the supports they need to live full lives. In addition to advocating to protect the civil rights of those who experience disabilities, they provide supports and services to help them live, work and play in their community.

Company Size: 150 employees

Participants: 280 individuals

Location: Oregon

“For the end of a fiscal year, I did the entire month of billing for 70+ participants in our in-home department in one day. Before SETWorks, that process used to take me three days.”  

Kristi Cramer // Billing Specialist // The Arc Lane County


Navigating the new EVV requirement

The Arc Lane County provides an ever-evolving range of services and supports to over 800 Oregon families both at home and in the community.  


Like many disability service agencies, The Arc Lane County had been using paper timesheets and Excel spreadsheets to collect service information.  

The Arc Lane County helps children, youth and adults who experience disabilities and their families live full and meaningful lives in their community.

But when the federal EVV requirement came out, The Arc Lane County’s billing specialist and self-proclaimed ‘macro queen’ Kristi Cramer knew they would need a new system to capture the required EVV data. 


Kristi looked into multiple options for EVV systems, searching for answers. 


“I had a lot of big questions like, how do staff manage progress notes? How do we find out what hours staff have worked?” Kristi recalls. 


The Arc Lane County did a trial with a popular GPS time clock app, but the information wasn’t exportable — something Kristi needed in order to share that data with the state’s EVV system.  


Additionally, whichever system they selected needed to be user-friendly in order to make the EVV transition easier for less tech-savvy staff.   

“I needed something that was super easy for my staff to use — something where they push a button, they’re clocked in; they push a button, they’re clocked out,” says Shoshanah Adams, co-associate director of The Arc Lane County’s Community Connectors program.

After getting demos from several other vendors, including a local company that was still in early stage development, they knew they needed something more established.


“We wanted something that was solid, and that had been around for a while,” says Kristi.


They found that — and more — in SETWorks.

The Arc’s Stepping Out Program supports adults in making friends, pursuing hobbies, expanding their interests, learning new skills and exploring their communities.


A single system to streamline EVV, billing, and payroll

Shortly after The Arc Lane County decided to sign on with SETWorks, the pandemic hit. This meant that Shoshanah had to train staff how to use the new system over Zoom.  


“My biggest challenge was teaching a hands-on program to somebody remotely,” recalls Shoshanah. “I find that if I can train somebody in person on how to use SETWorks, I can do it in an hour or less. But if I’m doing it online, it takes an hour and a half to two hours.” 


Throughout the process, Shoshanah and Kristi appreciated having the SETWorks knowledge base and a team of industry experts at their fingertips.  

“We’ve been really happy with the support that we’ve gotten. The meetings and ongoing support from the SETWorks team has been really helpful,” says Kristi.

With SETWorks in place, EVV compliance is easy. Staff can clock in and clock out from any device, as well as complete progress notes and goal documentation in the same workflow. Shoshanah especially likes that staff don’t have to download an app in order to use SETWorks.

SETWorks Client Operations Director, Preston Finkle

“A lot of people don’t have space on their phone, and you can’t ask them to delete apps and pictures. So it was really nice to have that web-based platform,” she says.


Kristi can easily export service data from SETWorks and upload it to the state’s eXPRS EVV and billing system with just a few clicks. This same data also flows to payroll, so staff don’t have to log information in multiple places.

SETWorks empowers its clients by providing everything they need through one platform.

Everything is stored within SETWorks, giving The Arc Lane County full transparency into all aspects of service delivery, from tracking progress notes in real-time to comparing how many people they’ve supported this month versus last month.


Accurate EVV data & 66% less time spent on billing

Thanks to SETWorks’ intuitive platform, shifts are reported with better accuracy and any errors can easily be identified and resolved. For example, managers can see at a glance if staff forget to clock out for a shift and have them fill out a correction form in SETWorks.  


Feedback from The Arc Lane County’s staff has been overwhelmingly positive.  

“I’ve had staff tell me that they’ve used other EVV systems at other providers, and all of them say that SETWorks is easier. I would recommend SETWorks to other agencies just on that alone,” says Shoshanah.

Billing can be quite the task, especially in Oregon’s eXPRS system, but SETWorks has made it painless and fast.  


“My billing process used to be data entry, but now it’s just data validation. I appreciate how fast it goes,” says Kristi.  


For the end of the fiscal year, Kristi was able to bill for services for 70+ participants in just one day — a task she says would normally have taken her about three days.     

The Arc’s Families Connected program is one of ten family networks in Oregon. It helps families raising a child with disabilities through professional assistance and peer-to-peer support.

“Being able to do that in one day for an entire month’s worth of billing was really awesome, and I would not be able to do that without SETWorks,” says Kristi.


SETWorks also includes specialized functions to help maximize their billing. For example, an individual might be authorized for 25 hours a week across three different services. If they go over the maximum hours, The Arc Lane County has the option to use the weighted authorization feature to prioritize billing for services with the highest rate. 


So far, SETWorks has been a big improvement from the spreadsheets they’re used to — but Kristi knows they’re only scratching the surface of what it can do.

The Arc’s EmployAbility Services help adults find gainful employment in the communities in which they live. The different programs include Employment Path, World of Work, Discovery, and Job Development and Job Coaching.

“SETWorks is a really powerful program, across so many departments,” says Kristi. “We’re just starting to tap into the power of the HR side of things, where we’re tracking people’s background checks and their driver’s licenses and training.”


Her only regret, she says, is not finding SETWorks sooner. 


“I wish we had landed on SETWorks and decided earlier, so that we could have had everybody used to using it before the big federal EVV requirement went into effect. SETWorks’ support is just such a game changer.”

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Agencies who want easy EVV trust SETWorks

You don’t have to use multiple systems to achieve EVV compliance – do it all in one place with SETWorks. Everything from case notes, goal documentation, clinical events and EVV data are completed in the same workflow, saving significant time for you and your team.  


Learn more today about how SETWorks can change the game for your organization, and how EVV in SETWorks is streamlined from start to finish. 

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