4 Nonprofit Logo Refresh Ideas To Inspire You

Need some inspiration? Here are some great logo refreshes from other nonprofits.

Your logo is the most memorable element of your nonprofit’s brand. In fact, 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo — more than any other visual identifier. For proof, look no further than iconic nonprofits like the Red Cross or YMCA.   


A well-designed logo will help people recognize who you are and what you do. But, given that most organizations don’t stay the same forever, your logo will most likely need to be updated from time to time. Even the most famous logos have changed and evolved over the years.  


If your logo is starting to feel a little outdated, don’t stress — a logo refresh may be all that’s needed. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few tips to consider when refreshing your logo as well as four nonprofit logo refreshes to inspire you.  

Logo refresh tips

1. Think about what’s working about your current logo and what’s not. For example, maybe you want to keep your brand mark but your font is feeling a bit outdated. 


2. Consider the impact of color. For instance, colors like green and blue can evoke a feeling of calm, while red and orange can feel energizing. 


3. Match your font to your brand’s personality. Here is a quick guide to font personality. 


4. Keep your audience in mind. Think about which specific colors, fonts, and logo elements will send the right message.  


5. Survey your team. This will help ensure that feedback is captured from the entire organization, not just the corporate office. 

Nonprofit logo refresh examples and inspiration

greenleaf logo refresh

If your organization is fortunate enough to be around a while, your brand’s visuals will eventually need updating. That was the case for Greenleaf, a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to help job seekers find and keep meaningful employment. 


As part of a larger brand refresh included a new website, Greenleaf unveiled a new logo and symbol that updates its original design. The logo refresh uses a new font with contemporary geometric details that makes the brand appear current and on-point. The refresh kept the most recognizable element of the old logo — the leaf symbol — but with a more modern twist. The logo also retained the brand’s signature dark green, but added a pop of bright yellow-green that feels fun and fresh.  

A new logo can also reflect a shift in your nonprofit’s mission and services. Since its humble beginnings in 1955, the Center for Human Services (CHS) has expanded its programs to serve not only children with disabilities but individuals across the lifespan. In 2022, CHS undertook a full rebrand that included a new logo as well as a new mission statement “Life Beyond Limits”. 


According to CHS, the new logo design “reflects and represents the core of CHS, from individuals and their families to employees and volunteers.” The addition of a symbol showing three different size hands illustrates how CHS serves individuals of all ages. The new logo also expands the abbreviation “CHS” to their full name, Center for Human Services, which helps to communicate what the organization is all about. A new font gives the brand warmth and personality, and the selection of a medium blue and green complements the new logo nicely.   

kaleo logo refresh

Sometimes, the addition of new services calls for reimagining your brand’s logo. Kaleo Supports is a North Carolina-based organization that helps people with disabilities on their journey for a meaningful and productive life. In 2022, Kaleo Supports celebrated the grand opening of a day program called Phoenix Supports that creates opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn life and employment skills.  


It announced the program with a powerful new logo featuring an image of a phoenix accompanied by the tagline “Rise and Rise Again!”. The refresh gives a nod to Kaleo’s original logo, with a multicolor scheme that signifies inclusivity — but with punchier colors and a bold, urban font that makes it really stand out.  

gaamha logo refresh

Another example of a brand that opted to reimagine their logo is GAAMHA. GAAMHA is an organization dedicated to providing meaningful support to individuals with disabilities and substance abuse disorders.  


GAAMHA’s focus on lifting people up is reflected perfectly in the new brand mark, which shows two climbers helping each other up a mountain. The changes also include a crisp, classic serif font and a blue-and-green color scheme that is lighter and brighter than the original design. These changes are reflected across the company’s website for a cohesive look and feel.  

Is it time to refresh your nonprofit’s logo?

According to professional designers, the average lifespan of a logo is about 10-15 years. If your logo is starting to feel a little stale, it might be time to consider a refresh. Some new colors, tweaks to your font choices, and updated imagery will help bring your brand into the future and serve your organization for years to come.  


Want to learn more about branding? Discover the benefits of refreshing your nonprofit’s brand or hear from an agency CEO on how to successfully rebrand your nonprofit 

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